New Items at St. Mary Church


New and notable gifts were recently donated to our Church by generous donors. We are highlighting them so that our congregation can enjoy and appreciate their beauty together. 



Mark Bettis donated his time, talent, and resources to create the new St. Mary Armenian Church website at If you haven't visited it yet, it is a must see. We can post news and events in real time in a more contemporary look and appeal. The church office now has the capability to customize all of the church events and news and make modifications as needed. We are ever so grateful to Mark for his dedication, expertise, and generosity.


Baptismal Dove

Bagrat Bayburtian donated to St. Mary a beautiful silver winged Baptismal Miuron Dove. The Baptismal Dove is a receptacle that holds the Holy Oil (Miuron) used during the baptism and confirmation and signifies the Holy Spirit.



Viguen and Teresa Ter-Minassian and Jerair and Anahid Nishanian were generous donors, along with many of our parishioners (click here to see list) to help St. Mary purchase our new organ. Thanks to all of our donors, during weekly worship, our Church is filled with beautiful organ liturgical music as it accompanies the majestic voices of our beloved St. Mary Choir. For many years to come, the organ will bring the marvelous tradition of Armenian spiritual services to the Church community. 


Candle Holders

Der Hovhan Khoja-Eynatyan's kind and generous donation of candle holders for St. Mary's alter are breathtaking, as you can see for yourself by the photo, and of course in the sanctuary. These colorful and elaborate candle holders add sparkle a magnificence to our alter.