Shnorhali School Goes Virtual!


Taking into account ongoing precautions related to COVID-19 by Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. public school systems for the resumption of school in Fall 2020, the Shnorhali School of St. Mary Armenian Church will offer distance learning classes for students from all grade levels, starting September 13, 2020.


Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey to ensure we build a program reflective of your interests:


Religion classes will continue to be taught in English by members of the St. Mary Armenian Church community.


Armenian language classes will be taught by certified educators from Armenia (in both Western and Eastern Armenian dialects) while engaging a full spectrum of teleconference capabilities, including screen sharing, audio-visual teaching aids, and timely progress reports. 


Students will begin the school year within the same grade level in which they were enrolled for the previous school year. Teachers may make adjustments to grade levels based on performance during the initial assessment phase of the virtual program.


Our carefully planned virtual classes are positioned as a necessary stopgap to ensure continuation of our children's consistent practice of the Armenian language and religious education in the face of ongoing social distancing restrictions imposed by the pandemic. 


We recognize a unique opportunity to play a leading role within the diocese in implementing innovative, creative solutions to our community's educational and instructional needs. While we remain unclear about the future of traditional, in-person class models, we remain adaptive and readily open to the possibilities of fully in-person teaching, fully online instruction, or a hybrid of both models. 


Noting the additional financial burden COVID has imposed on families, we have decided to reduce the registration/tuition fees from last year's approx. $430/child to $250/child (with a 10% additional discount for multiple children enrolled from the same family).


Please find the registration information here:


We hope you will join us in this venture with the shared goal of giving our children the optimum level of instruction regarding who they are as Christians and Armenians.