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Lenten Service, Discussion and Dinner


During the second and third weeks of our Lenten journey the parishioners and friends came together for a worship service, spiritual presentation and dinner with this year's theme entitled "Living the Gospel of Christ: James: Message of Living Faith." The topic concentrates on the journey through Lenten period studying the Letter of James. The Letter shows how a genuine faith is a tested faith and how encounter with difficulties is an essential part of the growth to Christian maturity.


Dn. Mark Krikorian and Yn. Jennifer Karapetyan talked about how faith changes the way we live and how through faith our lives change when we reach out and help others. They concentrated on the 2nd and 3rd chapters of the Epistle of James underlining their relevance and importance in our lives today.


Towards the end of the service and presentation the parishioners enjoyed each others fellowship and dinner hosted and sponsored by Mrs. Jermen Halajian and Yn. Jennifer Karapetyan on March 6, and St. Mary Women's Guild on March 11

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