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2023 - 2024 ACADEMIC YEAR 

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1st to 8th Grade:

Conversational Armenian:  $450


Junior/Senior Kindergarten:  $400


Pizza Lunch donations - $150

Textbook and School Supply fees - $50

Only Religion Students - $100 

Sibling discount - 10%

Teacher Discount - 20%


Sona Avetisyan

We are grateful to be a part of such an amazing school and community like St. Mary Armenian Aphostolic Church and Shnorhali school. I am impressed how the staff and teachers work so hard and go above and beyond for the students. My children have been going there since kindergarten and have an AMAZING 8 years’ experience. The culture, community and support of the school is something unique that cannot be obtained anywhere else.

Edwin Tilimian

An authentic Armenian Church that sticks to its Armenian roots and traditions while spreading the word of God the way it was meant. Fantastic community!!!

Edward A.

Great atmosphere, nice people, wise priest ... God bless...

Bruce Forbes

This is a little church in a very unique neighborhood. The parishioners are a bit shy meeting and greeting strangers, but they will open up and talk if one takes the initiative to introduce themselves. Services are great, with pointed comments on today’s world about living peaceably together. Good music, there are many informative extracurricular programs, most are open to all and free.

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