Special Presentation by Mr. Pakrat Estukyan Honoring the memory of Hrant Dink's


This past Friday, the St. Mary community honored the memory of Hrant Dink on the occasion of 13 years since his assassination. The main speaker of the evening was Mr. Pakrat Estukyan, who is the editor in chief of the Armenian Section of Agos Newspaper, as well as a novelist and author. During his presentation, Mr. Estukyan reflected on the persona and life philosophy of Hrant Dink and the influence and impact that Dink's assassination left in the minds and hearts of thousands of people living in Turkey. He also discussed the current situation of the Armenian community in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul.


At the conclusion of the presentation, the public had an opportunity to ask questions and enjoyed a reception. The event was organized and hosted by St. Mary Parish Council.