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St. Mary Armenian Church Church Hall and Facilities Fees

PLEASE NOTE: In order to proceed with an approved reservation date of the church hall and kitchen rental, all applicants must provide the following identification and information:
1.    Driver’s License
2.    Address and Telephone Number
3.    Email Address
4.    Completed and Signed Application Form
5.    Once approved, a signed check at the time of signing. Full amount is due two weeks prior to event.


(*) Fee includes light kitchen usage - such as preparation of coffee, warming and general food preparation.  
(1) There is an additional $100 fee for
 kitchen use consisting of cooking and any arduous labor exceeding food preparation of this nature. An additional $100 fee may apply for trash pick-up requests from Waste Management.

For luncheons, dinners or dances: a $500.00 security deposit is required at the time of signing of this contract. Two weeks prior to the event, the full rental fee must be paid.

All Sacraments are fully refundable at any time. Rental Agreements are fully refundable up until 48 hrs prior to the event.

Please Note - a charge of $5.00 per setting will be applied for the use of plates, utensils, and glassware.

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                                                                          Hall Rental Agreement - Rules and Regulations
1. Renter will be given “The 10 Fire Commandments” document with an explanation of the fire regulations for the rented area and the locations of extinguishers and alarms.
2. Activities must terminate and be vacated by midnight.
3. Use of the hall Sundays shall not commence before 4:00 PM - including set up, decorations, and kitchen use.
4. Renter may arrange tables and chairs 1 to 3 hours prior to event. Table coverings and decorations are the responsibility of the renter.
5. Wall decorations are not permitted.
6. Use of church piano and audio systems are subject to prior approval; audio volume will be subject to church control.
7. Exits must not be obstructed at any time.
8. All caterers must be approved by St. Mary 2 weeks in advance of the event. All caterers and vendors must be certified and Renter must present to St. Mary all documentation 2 weeks in advance.
9. Gambling is strictly prohibited.
10. Whenever a large number of children are expected, user must provide for their proper supervision.
11. Rental fees are based on 4 hours of usage; extra 20% charge for each additional hour. User will be allowed 3 additional  hours for set-up purposes.  
12. Kitchen usage includes 4 hours of cooking and preparation - excluding the use of the church’s serving items such as china, silverware, pitchers, baskets and other items. There is an additional $100 for the kitchen use.
13. The renter has the responsibility to leave the rented area in the same condition as received. If not, the church will provide and order the necessary clean-up service to be paid from the renter’s deposit. Any amount not spent for clean-up will be returned to the renter. Clean up responsibilities by the renter includes: mop and sweep all floors throughout the kitchen and church hall, all garbage to be bagged and put outside in the dumpsters behind the church, all items that may have been used by the renter must be put away and stored in its original spot, all bathrooms to be left in its original condition. In the event of loss of hall property or damage during the rental period, the renter will be held responsible and the church will assess the value of the damage and have the repairs provided from the renter’s security deposit. 


14. Dues paying membership rates are applicable for those who have been a St. Mary member for 2 years.