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The sacrament of confirmation is the sacrament of the coming of the Holy Spirit. Through it, the newly baptized receives the gift of the Holy Spirit. This gift of the Holy Spirit is very important in helping us live a God-pleasing life, and in being triumphant over the powers of evil.

According to Armenian tradition, confirmation is an inseparable part of the baptismal service, which in a way completes the sacrament.

In the Armenian language the name of the sacrament of Confirmation is "Gunounk" which means “sealing,” referring to the spiritual fact that by Confirmation we are sealed as possessions of God. “He (God) has put
His seal upon us and given us His spirit in our hearts as a guarantee” as we read in 2 Cor. 1:22. A Christian character is given to us by this sealing.

The chief sacramental act at the Confirmation is the anointing of the various parts of the Body of the baptized with the sanctified oil called Chrism, hence the name of “Chrismation” given to this sacrament. This blessed oil is called “Sweet Oil” or in Armenian, 'Myron,' pronounced: "Miuron." The chief ingredient of Myron is olive oil with a precise dose of balsam, to which are added ingredients taken from forty different kinds of sweet-smelling incense, flowers and trees. The Myron is kept in the receptacle in the form of dove, which of course signifies the Holy Spirit.

During the service, the priest anoints the following body parts of the newly baptized: forehead, eyes, ears, nostrils, mouth, hands, heart, back, and feet. Through this anointment the Holy Spirit comes and abides in the newly baptized, just as it came upon Christ in the form of a dove immediately after His baptism. At that moment, the human spirit and body becomes confirmed and receives the divine blessings so that our human soul can be strengthened through His power. Thus, through the baptism and confirmation man regains the joy of having a pure relationship with God.

By Baptism, the baptized are purified, and through Confirmation they are given the grace of spiritual fortitude, making them a Christian soldier to fight against the powers of the evil.

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