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Requiem Service

During the requiem service, we remember and pray for the souls of our departed loved ones. In the tradition of the Armenian Church, we believe that with the resurrection of Christ, the barrier between the living and the dead has been vanished, since by His Resurrection Christ conquered death.


The Church of those who have fallen asleep in Christ is as real and actual as of those who live on this earth. This is why our church teaches us that not only can we pray for those who have departed, but they can also pray for us and intercede on our behalf until the second coming of Christ when all will stand before the Righteous Judge.

In our church, the most common times for Requiem Service are on the 7th and/or 40th Day following a death, on the occasion of the 1st year anniversary, as well as on Mondays following the 5 Tabernacle Feasts of our Church. 

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