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Presentation by Nareg Seferian

An insightful presentation by Nareg Seferian took place at St. Mary's Church Hall on Sunday, September 29. Nareg spoke about the creation of his book published on the occasion of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. The book titled "Impact of An Ancient Nation", presence one hundred facts on Armenian history and culture. It was initially curated for the 100 Years, 100 Facts Project as it ran online from April 24, 2014 to April 24, 2015. The book was revised and updated with those glimpses into the Armenian experience in order to serve as a worthy testimony of a lasting heritage. From building the first coffee shops in Europe to building the longest aerial tramway in the world, from leading the global trade routes in the middle ages to leading the global chess rankings in modern times, Armenians carry a rich culture that has had a lasting impact on humanity. You can visit the 100-years-100-facts website by Clicking Here.

Nareg Seferian is a PhD student at Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs in the Washington, DC metro area. He holds a master’s degree in international affairs from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. From 2013 to 2016, Nareg served on the faculty at the American University of Armenia, running elective undergraduate courses in writing, literature, and politics.

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