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Book Signing and Presentation By Rosemary Hartounian Cohen

An interesting book presentation took place at St. Mary’s on Sunday, September 8. The author Rosemary Hartounian Cohen spoke about her recently published book “Voices from the Hidden Genocide 1918”. The book is about the Armenian Massacre that happened in northern Persia in 1918, which was the continuation of the 1915 Armenian Genocide in Turkey. It contains the words and the stories of the survivors of the massacre. The author presented some facts as to how with impunity, the Turks crossed the border into a neighboring sovereign country in order to massacre the Christian residents. Turkish soldiers entered large cities in northwest Persia: Khoy, Salmas, Urmia, Maku, Gharadagh and many smaller Christian villages. Christians, as well as Muslims in Persia's northwestern cities, suffered enormously.

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session, and book signing by the author. 

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