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Feast of Nativity and Theophany Celebrated at St. Mary

On January 5 the Jragalouits Badarak began with the Evening Service. After the Badarak, parishioners and friends enjoyed the traditional Home Blessing service in our church hall and a reception sponsored by the Parish Council.

St. Mary Church then celebrated the glorious Feast of the Birth and Baptism of our Lord with the Divine Liturgy and Blessing of the Water Service on January 6. We congratulated Ruben Karapetyan, who served as the Godfather for the Blessing of the Water. Parishioners participated in the liturgy on both days and greeted one another with the renewing and joyous news of our Lord's Revelation "To you and us good news! Tzez yev mez Medz Avedis! Christ is born and revealed. Kristos tsnav yev haytnetsav. Blessed is the revelation of Christ. Orhnyal e haytnutyunn Kristosi."

A festive luncheon was hosted by the Ararat Avak Society and enjoyed by over 85 parishioners at the Church Hall fallowing the Badarak. 

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