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Jerusalem - The Holy City for three religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam

A panel discussion of three speakers representing the three religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam took place at the Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church. The participants discussed the significance of the Holy City of Jerusalem to their various faiths. The panel members included; Rabbi Gerald Serotta, the Executive Director of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington (IFC), Rev. Fr. Hovsep Karapetyan of St. Mary Armenian Church in Washington, DC, and Imam Yahya Hendi of Georgetown University.

Der Hovsep spoke about the significance of Jerusalem to the Armenians, explaining the historical roots of the Armenian presence in the Holy City and it's cultural and spiritual significance. He also spoke about the challenges that the people of the Holy Land face and the vision of Jerusalem being the capital of the three monotheistic religions. 

The lecture was organized by Rev. Fuad Khouri of Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church. 

On the photo above: Fr. Hovsep Karapetyan, Rabbi Garald Serotta, Rev. Fuad Khouri and Imam Yahya Hendi.

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