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Wedding Form

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Important Information

1. The date and time of the wedding service must be reserved before submitting the application. Otherwise it is not guaranteed that the date on the application will be available.


2. If either of the parties to be married Is not baptized or confirmed in the Armenian Church, he/she must submit a copy of his/her baptismal and confirmation certificates with this application.


3. If either of the parties has been divorced, a copy of the divorce decree or the court order must be submitted with this application.


4. The groom-to-be and the bride-to-be must first be married civilly and produce a marriage license (to be signed by the priest on the wedding day) from the respective civil institution (i.e. City Hall) and only then can the religious marriage ceremony take place in the church. The marriage license must be presented to the priest at least three business days prior to the date of the wedding service. It is the responsibility of the couple requesting a religious marriage ceremony to produce the marriage license from the respective civil institution.


5. If one is to be used, the white runner for the center aisle in the church must be provided by the couple to be wedded. The church does not provide a runner.


6. The assignment of and invitation to the deacons, singers and organists to participate in the wedding service is the responsibility of the priest. Special requests may be approved by the priest.


7. All honorariums and donations for the wedding service must be received in advance in order to reserve the wedding date. They are to be given to the Parish Council Treasurer who will distribute them after the ceremony to the respective participants.


8. In order for dues paying members’ rates to apply either the groom or the bride must have been dues paying members of St. Mary Armenian Apostolic Church of Washington DC at least for two years.  All other parties are subject to general public rates.  
We the groom-to-be and the bride-to-be hereby acknowledge and accept the aforementioned conditions and further agree to abide by them fully.

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